Saturday, July 20, 2013

Full moon with my Fujifilm HS20EXR.

Ever since I'm a child, I am always been fascinated by the moon. Now that I have a camera with an amazing telephoto reach, I can't wait for the full moon to show. Getting the perfect shot, from the perfect angle, with the perfect perspective, is an obsession of most photographers. But since I am curios about the telephoto end of my new FUJI HS20, I shot the moon directly at full zoom. This became one of the first photo I am proud about, I know it sounds easy to do, but as a newbie it felt like a big accomplishment to me. Try it.

Click image to enlarge

How to get this shot:

You will need a camera with a long zoom range. In this shot, I used my Fujifilm HS20EXR with an amazing focal length of 24 - 720mm. Set my camera to its full zoom, used a tripod and the self timer to press the shutter.

 I shot this manually at iso 100, 1/250 seconds shutter speed and aperture of F10.

 If you shoot the moon at its correct exposure, it will be too bright and you will lost all the details on the surface of the moon.

 My advice is to underexpose it to your liking. Use spot metering and meter the moon itself, forget the background. 

And don't forget to bring your coat, it's cold outdoors at night. 

Here's another shot I took a few months later.

Enjoy shooting. Cheers!