Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sweeter the second time around

We were able to take portraits of Kristine again yesterday.

To see photo of the first shoot, click here.

I was not quite happy with the results back then.

Fortunately, Kristine agreed to meet us again and re-shoot.

This time we made sure we have enough time to do the shoot.

Chatuchak park Thailand is a nice weekend getaway.

Chilling out with great acoustic music.

Country girl armed with a guitar

Alone with her music

Shot taken by my wife Lyn. Candid and lovely! :)

This time we are more relaxed, we have enough time and light.

The photos are somehow what I envisioned them to be.

I hope you enjoyed the photos too.

I'll be visiting my home country Philippines next week.

I'm looking forward to take portraits of awesome people and beautiful landscapes there.