Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Laos: A travel back in time

Laos is a country as yet untouched by the modern demands.

Its beauty lies in the Lao people, history, culture, nature and the simplicity of a laid back lifestyle.

Arc de Triomphe - Vientiane, Laos. Grand Legacy of Former French Colonization.

Two weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to had the chance to visit Laos for a few days.

Wasn't able to take photos as I like since I am travelling with a group (colleagues).

It's an all expense paid trip though, so I am not complaining.

Below are some of the photos I was able to snap while we are on the go.

Note:I only brought one camera with me during this trip, the Fuji X100. 

Freshly cooked fish from the Mekong River

A good spot beside the Mekong river to enjoy some sumptuous dinner.

Ho Phra Keo

Laos is mostly a Buddhist country.

Pha Tat Luang. A temple at the heart of Vientiane. 

Hanging out beside the great Mekong river.

The capital city Vientiane is a sight of an emerging city at its very early stage.

Reminded me of what my home country looked like 15 to 20 years ago.

The capital itself is settled at the side of the Mekong river, which also serves as their border with Thailand.


Photos below are from Nam Ngum lake, around 90kms from Vientiane.

The lake is an incredibly scenic vast artificial lake with many small islands that was formed when the Ngum River was dammed for hydroelectricity.

Nam Ngum Lake

Nam Ngum Lake

Our lunch was served on a lake cruise. Cool isn't it?

Our next stop was at the town of Vang Vieng, located about four hour bus ride from the capital. 

The town lies at the bank of the Nam Song river, a scenic scene surrounded with Karst hills.

This scene made me feel nostalgic.

Hanging bridge leading to the hills.

Nam Song river                                                                                                                                                              

Beautiful hills at the background

View at the top of a small hill.

Nam Song river

Nam song river

Vang Vieng is stunningly beautiful, I wish I could have stayed longer to explore it more. 

I'm sure there is more to the place than what I saw. 

I am hoping to be back someday to see more of its nature and beauty.

That  trip was just a glimpse of a beautiful country. 

A glimpse of a travel back in time, when all things are simple and so laid back. 

A good break from the hectic stressful city-life.