Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bangkok streets series

I finally sold my trusted Nikon DSLR, and now I only have the Fuji X100 as my camera to use.

After quite some time taking an off from photography, I took the Fuji for a spin around the streets of Bangkok, just to warm my fingers.

BTS skytrain is one of the most used transportation in Bangkok. A good way to avoid traffic and travel faster.

Having no doubt which camera to choose and what lens to use, it is liberating to just shoot and shoot.

Scene at Victory monument , Bangkok.

Streets are not so crowded during mid-day, but the scene will change fast as the afternoon approaches.

Please bear with me as street photography is something new to me and I'm still struggling on what subjects to shoot.

As my only camera for now, I will devote time to learn the capabilities and quirks of this small camera.

Markets make Bangkok streets alive and colorful for almost 24 hours a day.

Tourists loves to shop on the streets. Foods are cheap and clean.

I plan to make street photography a part of my photography.

Bangkok streets are the perfect place for it.

I will make this a series.