Friday, December 14, 2012

Getting started

In the past I always knew I love to take pictures. I remember carrying with me a Samsung digital camera and just shoot everything I see while enjoying riding my motorcycle.  I love riding my motorcycle, it brings me to places Iv'e never seen before and people Iv'e never met before. But the thought of taking pictures of my adventures is always at the back of my mind.I don't know what holds me back then to pursue photography. I think I just don't know where to start.

To those who wish to try photography as a hobby should start by asking themselves a series of questions.

1. What are the reasons why I like photography?

Was it because it looks cool to see photographers carrying stuff with them when they're shooting?  Or was it because its fun to be out in nature taking photos of animals and landscapes? Is it because you love to travel? Is it because you love to meet different type of people and take their pictures?

Whatever is your reason, you could never go wrong, as long as you have a purpose. Knowing why we like to pursue photography,in the first place, will help us know our goals when it comes to this expensive hobby. Not knowing what you really want will prove costly and a waste of time.

2. Am I willing to spend the time to learn about the technicalities of this art?

Photography is basically easy, once you get past the few basics. But it is also a never ending learning process. So one should be able to take the time to read photography books, blogs and mostly attend seminars or short courses on photography. This will separate your photos from just mere snapshots. But you say you will just take photos of your wife and son? Do I really need to spend time learning the basics? My answer is a big yes. Unless you don't want to see good photos of your wife and son, of course its your choice. If your'e too lazy to learn, go ahead just point and shoot to your heart's desire. There is nothing wrong with that. Just know that if you take a little more time learning, you could create amazing pieces of art with your camera.

3. Do I have the time to actually shoot?

Shooting helps you learn, learning makes your photos great. Reading all the stuff about photography wont help you achieve great results, if your'e not going out there and actually do some shooting. But you say you have a busy work? You don`t have free weekends? You just don't have the time? So, would you just  let your camera or your expensive DSLR gather dusts in the corner? Besides, if you don't have time for it, you cant call it your hobby in the first place. A hobby is something you love doing and will find time to do no matter what. Owning a camera doesn't make you a hobbyist, it will just make you a camera owner. You always have a choice, be a simple camera owner or be a good photographer. There's a big difference.

For me, that's the basic questions people should be asking once they are considering photography as a hobby. Knowing your purpose, willingness to learn and giving time to actually shoot is the basic prerequisite to get the fire of passion in photography burning inside us. This will help people planning to get into the bandwagon to assess themselves. Some of you cannot find a great purpose nor have the time to learn and shoot.That is perfectly okay. It just means you don't love photography that much, so be a good camera owner that take family and friend's snapshots, and find a different hobby that suites you.


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