Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Alone and playing with my toys

My wife came home late tonight, so I had enough time to play with my toys lights. I have decided to do a self portrait using two strobes. This became the photo at the welcome page of the blog. I called this a photographer's version of a "selfie".

How to get this shot:

Set up your camera on a tripod. Find a nice white wall as a background. Set up focus, do some test shots for exposure. I used two off camera flash, one pointed in my face by my right hand and the other I am holding at my back with my left hand. I put a blue gel plastic diffuser in front of my second flash to alter the color of the light of my background. Used a white tupperware diffuser in my other flash to soften the light hitting my face. Set the camera timer to 10 seconds, just enough for me to run and pose. Done.

Shot by my Nikon D3100 using a Nikkor 35mm lens. Flash used are two Yongnou manual strobes. A malfunctioning tripod. Exposure data: iso 100, 1/10 of a second at f8.

Sometimes being alone have its benefits. You can experiment and play with yourself lights, without your wife getting angry at you wasting too much time with your toys.

For questions regarding this shot use the comment section. I am still waiting for entries of other featured photographers here. If you are interested to be featured like Lewis below, please contact me.

Anybody got the same "selfie" photo they wanna share? Hit the comment section.



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