Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Featured photographer: Naser Eid

Our featured photographer today came all the way from the State of Qatar. He loves to shoot mostly landscapes and portraits.

 I know this guy for quite a long time now, I met him at the Fujifilm HS20EXR page. Over the years I am watching his photographs, and they're getting better and better.

Since he came all the way from the State of Qatar, let's not waste any more of his time and let's start asking him some questions.

1.First, tell us something about yourself.

So my name is Naser Eid, of Jordan Nationality and been living in the State of Qatar for the past 15 years. I'm an Accounting Management student at Qatar University.

2. What is your background in photography and how long have you been doing it?

My actual first step into professional photography was around 5 years ago. I had a video camera in my car, as I was about to do an interview and was waiting in my car around sunset time for my evening lecture. Then I saw a view that was so beautiful. So I grabbed my camera and took this picture.

From there on, my friends have been encouraging me to be more involved into photography.

3. What camera and equipment you use to shoot?

I first started with; video camera, standard nikon coolpix digital camera..then I moved into the DSLR world as I took a photography class. Started with canon 400d, sony alpha 200, 100, 300, moving to the Fujifilm HS20exr and finally with a canon t4i 650D.

4. What are your favorite subjects and why?

My Favorite subject are Landscapes because with landscapes you have still subjects and the equipment used are very basic. But with time, I am evolving to like portrait photography since it requires less movements from different locations, the shots can be endless and a huge field for creativity.

5.What software are you using to process your photos?

I still love using this Picmonkey website because it's basic and I mainly play with exposures and lighting but as I moved to portraits, Photoshop became my main source.

6.Can you show us some of your favorite works and tell us a little something about it?

This is my favorite Landscape shot.

This picture is what boosted my gallery, I was going out photo hunting with the canon 400D and I decided to have a seat on the bus stop bench. the Paint on the bench was still new and had a bit of shine in it, so I decided to try and see what happens when I leave the camera on the bench, adjust the angle and press the shutter and BAM! It helped me win my first photography contest.

My Favorite indoor high-speed picture.

The effort I put to this one is HUGE since I was working by myself and was only using the built in flash of my Fujifilm HS20 and almost 2 packets of balloons.

Favorite Portrait:

This is my favorite portrait because I believe that everything just went 100% from the pose, to the angle, framing, lighting and texture.

7.Lastly, if we want to see more of your work where can we check it out and how do we contact you?

Finally, you can view my work on my Facebook page Nasor-3eid-Photography , Pixoto Profile or even at my Flickr.

You can always add me on my personal Facebook Account. 

You can also send me emails at nasor3eid@gmail.com

Thank you.

Naser Eid


Wow, thank you very much for your time Naser. I am very glad to feature you here. I hope your experience and photos will inspire more aspiring photographers. 

There you go. Another great photographer as our guest.

For those who wants to be our guest here too, please contact me. 

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Thank you.