Sunday, August 4, 2013


Portrait #2 is Itthipol and his bicycle Bummer B. Itthipol works in one of the best university in Bangkok.

Everyday, after work and every weekend, he loves to travel and have some adventure with Bummer B.

 He gave us some opportunity to shoot portrait of himself and his beloved bicycle.

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Shot with my D3100 with a 35mm prime and two off camera flashes. Shoot around after 5 PM, went to two locations inside the University to find a nice background. Looks like Itthipol and Bummer B loves to be around lakes.

Here's my set up diagram for the photo above.

Other photos we took of him and Bummer B.

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Thank you very much Itthipol for giving us some of your time.

And kudos to Bummer B for being patience enough, without going Transformers on us, during the entire session.

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