Friday, August 23, 2013

Using the pop-up flash outdoors

Last time, we talked about taming our harsh pop-up flash using different methods.

If you haven't read it yet, please click here before proceeding.

When shooting outdoors,we sometimes have a bright sky at the background that causes our subjects to be dark underexposed.

This is because the camera is metering the entire scene, it avoids over exposing the sky, but it makes our subjects dark.

Of course, we could spot meter our subject.But that would make the sky so unpleasantly bright.

Common sense tells us to use our flash. (Duh?) 

Here`s a sample shot with a direct flash.

Now, we have a well exposed subject and background that is pleasant to the eyes.

But see the harsh light and the unpleasant shadows?

We can then apply what we have learned in taming the harsh flash.

There you go, the shadows are gone. We also properly exposed our subject and the background. 

No super bright skies, not a dark subject.

Another example.

Our pop-up flash can be a very handy tool in situations like these.

It can help eliminate shadows in our subject's face when under the bright sun or shooting with the sun at the background.

Of course, there are other ways to do this.

i.e using reflectors or make our subject face the light source.

All shots are taken using my Fujifilm HS20EXR in manual mode. Shot in a hurry, so forgive the quality and composition.