Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A firmware upgrade for my X100!

Just a few weeks after I bought my X100, Fujifilm released a firmware version 2.01 for it.

I had no issues with my x100 older firmware version, but to receive good news like this is very exciting.

The original Fuji X100 have a lot of quirks, and the newer X100S camera addressed them all.

With the new firmware my X100 auto focus is now faster, manual focus is now easy to use and start up time is now a little bit faster.

It feels like a new camera. Now, I didn't regret choosing this over the more enhanced but more expensive X100S.

Here are some photos I took after I upgraded to the latest firmware.

(All photos are JPEG straight out of the camera)

Fujifilm releasing a firmware update to a discontinued model is a very classy act. Something that the other brand names hasn't done.

They just gained another fan boy in me. (And thousand others I'm sure)

Great cameras and great costumer service.

I might go Fuji system all the way someday.

Keep it up Fujifilm!