Sunday, October 13, 2013

Portrait #5

My portrait number 5 is teacher Jash from Bangkok.

We went to a nice local park yesterday and took some shots.

I brought with me my new Fuji x100 that day, it was supposed to be the main camera to be used. I am excited to test its high synch flash capability, and of course the Fuji colors.

Unfortunately, by some reason it went battery dead on us after just a few shots. Maybe I accidentally left the camera ON inside its bag.

So, before I can ruin the afternoon being upset about me being so careless, I pulled out my old but trusted Nikon D3100 and started shooting.

Shot with my D3100 with a 35mm prime. ISO 400, f2.2, 1/200s.

One flash with a brolly at subject's left.

Nothing fancy, a very simple set up. Thanks for my friend Ernest for being our human light stand that day.

It was fun.