Thursday, January 2, 2014

Early morning with the Fuji X100

We woke up early to be able to see Erawan during the early hours.

After we are done with our coffee, off we go.

The sun is rising, the air is chilly. Perfect!

Armed with a single flash, we walked to the direction of the waterfalls, taking some shots along the way.

I was testing my light, I had Lyn sat at the middle of the paved path surrounded by trees and bamboos.

A little farther ahead, we had a very nice spot where the sun is shining through the thick forest of bamboos.

I love how the X100 rendered the color of the sunlight. A handheld flash was used as a fill light.

After a few minutes of walk, we arrived at the first level waterfall, our destination for today's portrait.

Lyn changed outfit, I readied my camera and flash, and off we shoot.

Shot with one flash on a stand at camera right.  Lyn was braving the chilly water of Erawan falls.

We took  a couple more shots before going back to our room to prepare for the climb going to the seventh fall of Erawan.

Shot with the same set up as above. Shot with aperture of  f2.8, 1/125 seconds at ISO 200.

For me, the Fuji X100 is a good camera for environmental portraits. The crazy synch at any speed and the built-in 3-stops ND filter is a very welcome addition. Currently the camera I will grab when shooting portraits like above.

Morning light is the most pleasant light to shoot. The refreshing feeling and the beauty that this golden hours brings is priceless. Walking with the X100 is a breeze, if I had brought my DSLR that time, I would've a different impression. If only we could always wake up very early, until then, let's just shoot during sunset.