Saturday, January 4, 2014

Portrait #7

We are supposed to shoot around 5 PM, but some misinformation about the venue caused some delays.

 I arrived at the park a little bit more than 6 PM.

Light is fading, I need to move fast and think about my lighting.

We are supposed to shoot retro style portraits, but with fading light, it's impossible.

A single flash at camera left. Shot with my X100.

Not close to what we really wanted, but circumstances led us to this.

My subject seems satisfied, I'm not.

We agreed to shoot sometime in the future again.

Instances like these always reminds me to always be ready of different kinds of lighting needs.

But it's all part of the joy and excitement of doing photography.

Model: Kristine

Kristine is a musician based in Bangkok, Thailand.

She loves to play the violin, and been doing so for the last six years or more.