Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why we love photography

With the rate camera prices are going, it is a common sight to see camera wielding people everywhere.

Camera is one of the most used gadget of this technology savvy generation. From family events to a travelling tourist, a camera is around. 

Even my phone have a decent one for some snapshots. 

And then, there's people like me who are crazy about photography.

The hobbyist and the enthusiast. 

We talk, breathe and think about photography all the time. We even dream about it at night.

Aside from the gear heads, who buys all the latest cameras but not using them at all (sorry but truth be told), there is us enthusiasts who loves photography more than the gadgets itself. 

But, what is it about photography that got us hooked?

I will try to summarize the reasons why I am  crazy about it, and I hope to echo most of the enthusiast's sentiments.

Seeing the world in a new light


Photography is painting with light. The very first thing you are going to learn when starting photography is that it is all about light. 

Learning photography will give you another view of the world. You will see beautiful contrast and colors you might have missed if you didn't learn photography. 

The world suddenly became photogenic that you wish you always have your camera with you.

Photography makes us appreciate the NOW.

This is very ZEN-like but it's true.

When out on the field shooting, we are mostly so engaged on what we are currently doing that we forgot about other things past or future. 

This is true especially on landscapes photography. One can get so absorbed in the beauty and the serenity of the moment one is trying to capture. Suddenly the light falls beautifully, the scene seemed so serene, the sounds so mesmerizing and nothing else occupy your mind but the beauty of the moment. 

It is meditative, it's soothing and it releases stress. 

Meeting a lot of people

You will get the chance to photograph various people. You will get to know exciting people with different personalities.

You will meet a  lot of people, and that is exciting.

Slowing down and noticing the details

Suddenly everything is a subject. The usual flower on your backyard was never that beautiful before, nor the bees and butterflies flying around it. 

You will notice patterns on old buildings, hallways, walls and paths you've never noticed before.

You will see beautiful reflections and light everywhere.  

Shadows are interesting. Smiles are beautiful. People are interesting. Places are suddenly worth going to.

Be able to bring out the best in others

This is what I love the most about portrait photography.

You help people show their best and most beautiful self.

You will capture emotions that one might fail to notice in an ordinary day to day interaction.

Such is the beauty of portrait photography.

A good reason to travel

Suddenly all the places around you are worth a visit.

One more good reason than checking in and having your status on Facebook updated for your friends to envy. (Sorry can't help it.)

All destinations will be very exciting. You want to be more closer to nature, that's where all the beautiful spots to photographs are.

There will be no boring place for you, everywhere there is always something to photograph.

Will give you some "ME" time.

Shooting alone is one of the thing I  sometimes love to do. Photography lets you do this.

You can be alone for a week and be thrilled about it.

This is one of the best activity to do alone.

Be able to capture moments with family and friends beautifully

Those vacation photos don't look as bad as they used to. 

You now learned a few basics and your photographs are getting better.

I'm sure your family and friends will appreciate it and will be very happy to allow you to document important events in their lives.

A freedom of expression and creativity

The fun things that you can do with photography is limitless.

From the time of film photography to the current digital photography trend and from the dark rooms of the 80's to the current photo editing software, the things one can do to express his vision about a photo is unlimited.

We even have an instant photo destroyer editor called Instagram filters.

I am not really a fan of too much photo editing, but a little touch can be a good way to show and express one's creativity.

The gadgets are actually fun

Made this the last reason why we love photography, in defense of  my "I am not a gear-head" claim.

Honestly, we photographers are mostly gear-heads. We might not want to admit it but we are crazy about cameras.

We always follow news about gears on lighting, lens, camera bodies and accessories.

We would like to point out that this is not the most important part of photography though.

Having a new expensive fully featured Full Frame DSLR is not fun when your'e not going to be shooting it under the golden hour's sun.

Try it!

These are my reasons, and probably to some of the photography enthusiast out there too.

I can go on and find more reasons, but these are the most prominent ones.

Some people may have a different reason why they are into photography.

Could it be to make a living or to help others, whatever it may be,  I'm sure they are enjoying it as much as we do.

Photography might be for you too, or it might not.

Give it a try. You'll never know.

You might discover your own reasons to love it.

Or you might already  be in the bandwagon and wants to site your own reasons, you are welcome to hit the comment section.