Friday, June 6, 2014

Of scents and some sense...

After the trip from Philippines, I haven't got much chance to take some new photographs.

Lots of new stuff going on at work and what not.

(In fact, I think I'm just lazy to think of some new projects for now.)

Fortunately,  I got some small things to do at the side keeping my photographic energy alive.

My wife and her friend got into a small hobby of making home-made perfumes for friends and relatives.

I was assigned to take photos of the products.

My task was to make a small DIY (Do-it-youself) studio at home and be a little creative in presenting the products.

Not bad as a challenge.

Home-made perfumes for gift purposes only. 

Home-made perfumes for gift purposes only.

Perfume for gift purposes only

These home-made oil-based perfumes really smells good, last a long time and cheaper to make.

Although I love to do outdoors sessions, this small project at least woke me up from my laziness.

Or did it?

I had a realization, a vision.

Spent some of my weekends shooting outdoors.

Spent nights reading about photography and lighting.

I love what I'm doing. (Except for sitting in front of the PC editing photos)

But I am not a photographer.

I consider photography as just one of my skills.

Something that I still want to improve more.

A  hobby (and some small income) I am enjoying.

No more, no less.

I also have other dreams and goals I want to pursue.

Who knows? Everything is possible in this universe of endless possibility. (Say what?)

My love for photography hasn't faded, it's just that I have other things I decided to prioritize.

I will still accept and do some photography projects from time to time.

Just a little bit less active.

I hope that make sense.