Monday, October 27, 2014

Nights to remember

Remember those nights?

When we used to play hide and seek under the starry summer skies.

Or that night we're sitting silently together, just waiting for that falling star to show.

Looking back, did it made our dream come true?

Mark and Kris
Remember those Friday nights?

When we used to stay late watching our favorite TV shows.

With coke and chips in hand, we spent the night away.

I miss those 90s shows.

Remember those weekend nights?

When all of our closest friends gathered together.

We drank cheap beer and played that Radiohead music.

I raise my glass for the memories we had.

Lyn and Glace

Remember those long nights?

You talked on the phone with your best friend till 1 a.m.

It doesn't matter what's the conversation just as long as you talk.

Give that old friend a call.

ISO 5000

Remember those summer nights?

Riding in the cold just to get some air.

We would aimlessly rode around the city just to spend our time.

Can't wait to be on that bike again.

Lyn getting some fresh air.

Remember those chilly Christmas nights?

Where everyone is smiling full of that yuletide spirit.

The Christmas tree blinking on and off at the corner.

Those are indeed magical nights.

ISO 400 , f4, 1/30s

And those nights spent with that special someone?

You could talk all night about anything.

That's where you started to plan your future together.

Relive that nights once in a while.


We all have memorable nights.

We sometimes miss the people and things we used to spend our time with.

Let's relive them once in a while.